Frequently Asked Questions


 How much do the lessons cost?

•      £30 per hour for a single lesson
•      £100 for a block of 4 (save £20)
•      £200 for a block of 8 (save £40)


Where do I teach?

•      At my flat in Harringay North London N8, and also anywhere in the world via Skype. You can get directions here


Do you do home visits?

•      I sometimes offer home visits at my discretion subject to travelling time. However if you are unable to travel to my studio I can also offer skype lessons


How do Skype Lessons work?

•      I have a detailed page explaining this here


What if either of us lose our web connection during the Skype guitar lesson?

•      Then extra time will be given to make up for it.


Does you teach children?

•      I have to taught children from the ages of 6 up to 16.


Does you teach beginners?

•      Yes! Whatever age or previous level of experience, you’re welcome to take lessons with me.


Does you teach acoustic and electric guitar?

•      Yes. I teach classical guitar and steel string guitar as well as electric guitar and bass guitar.


What do I need to bring to lessons?

Guitar and Bass Lessons

•      guitar and a plectrum, leads

Piano Lessons

•      Only Yourself!


Can I borrow a guitar or bass?

•      While I do have some spare guitars and basses I would recommend that students bring their own wherever possible.


How often should I have a lesson?

•      I recommend weekly lessons to help maintain focus and motivation for learning.


How many lessons will I need?

•     Ah, the old “how long is a piece of string question”. It depends on what you want to achieve – obviously learning “Wonderwall” would take substantially less time than learning the “Moonlight Sonata”.


Do you sell gift vouchers for lessons?

•     Yes! I will send you a gift certificate in the post.
•     Express delivery is available if required, for those last minute presents!
•     My studio is easily reachable from most parts of London.
•     See my ‘Guitar Gift Certificates’ page for further details.

Lesson Structure


Guitar, Bass & Piano Lessons

The content of my guitar and bass lessons will depend very much on what your goal is.

What would you like to achieve? Here are some typical goals:

•      study graded exams (classical, jazz)?
•      writing songs
•      joining a band
•      learning to accompany yourself or other singers
•      learning to play your favourite songs (send me a list)
•      learning a new style
•      escaping from a musical rut


Once we’ve worked out what your goals are, I will focus my lessons to working to achieve them as quickly as possible. If you’re unsure what you want to achieve I can map a path for you to progress along that will develop you into a well rounded musician. Sometimes the most important thing is just getting started!

In my lessons I typically emphasize the following elements:

•      developing a solid technique
•      knowledge of scale, arpeggios and chords
•      effective strategies for learning and practicing
•      ways to reduce performance related stress
•      the basics of music theory and notation
•      how to play authentically within a given style
•      playing by ear
•      and of course….having a damn good time playing music!


Music Theory lessons (composing, arranging)

These lessons are most suitable If you want to specialise in music theory, composition and arrangement. There is less emphasis on playing in real time, although we may use the piano to demonstrate concepts. As always we will establish what your goals are and proceed from there. Generally music theory tends to analyse the styles of Jazz, Classical and Popular in order to see what the rules of effective composition

Alternatively we can focus on applied theory where we focus on mapping theoretical concepts on the guitar, bass or piano. This can be particularly useful for  self-taught players who despite being able to play well  find themselves up against a brick wall in terms of development


Location and Tuition Times



I teach from my London studio, or online via Skype. My studio is 10  minutes walk from Turnpike Lane underground station, on the Picadilly Line, 5 mins from Hornsey Rail station and Green Lanes (serviced by many major bus routes and Haringay Green Lanes overground station.



Parking is free after 6.30pm Mon-Sat and all sunday, by permit at all other times. I can obtain permit for you if you require.
If driving, please allow extra time for the London traffic.


My teaching hours are:


Monday to Friday

12.00 am – 8.00 pm UK time


12.00 – 5.30pm UK time




On the sticky topic of practicing…

In order to learn to play an instrument successfully  you are going to have to devote some regular amount of time to practice what you have learnt in lessons. As to the amount of practice I recommend, it varies. For a young child I would recommend 15 mins a day. For an adult beginner, 30 mins a day. And for a moderately serious student, 1 hour a day.

Of course none of this is set in stone – you may have a different practice regime that you find works for you. However, one this is certain – anyone who ever mastered an instrument put some serious time into playing and practicing! It’s up to you – if you want to approach learning very casually then a small amount of regular practice will suffice. On the other hand if you’re burning with ambition to master the art, then you must put in a lot more time and effort

…and learning the unexpected

One advantage of having a music teacher is that they can map out a path of progress for you even when it isn’t apparent to you. As your teacher I’ve done a lot of the reconnaissance work to smooth you way. Therefore you have the luxury of simply sitting back and practicing what I tell you. You don’t need to understand the where’s and whyfore’s and agonise again the best way to progress

And because of this I might sometimes suggest that you be open to learning something that you might not immediately see the sense of. For example, the rudiments of reading music or some basic theory. The principle is very simple – I always aim to make a small effort upfront in order to save a lot of effort later. Sometimes a bit of delayed gratification can be well worth the wait!



Terms & Conditions

• Payment to be made at the start of each lesson or in advance.

• I require a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation (by email, SMS or telephone). Full lesson fee is payable if less than this is given.

• Pupils are required to bring their own instrument to lessons (guitar and bass lessons only).

• All lesson fees are non-refundable.

• Lesson fees may rise at a future date, pupils will be notified one week prior to any increase.