Here’s what a few of my students have said about my teaching…

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“I’ve had piano lessons with Nat for more than a year now, and I can say that I have improved a lot in my technique with the instrument and knowledge of music in general. We have explored different genres of music, learning things from each one of them, making the overall experience both interesting and comfortable.”


Miquel Angel Oliver, London



  “I had guitar lessons with Nat from the ages 14 through to 20 and in that time I went from a complete beginner to playing professionally. Nat’s personable and relaxed approach meant that the guitar never felt a chore, and I always looked forward to playing. During my time with Nat I achieved both LCM Grade 8 Pop Music Theory and Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar. Perhaps most importantly, Nat’s insatiable curiosity and systematic approach to the guitar inspired me to continue learning on my own and explore music to the full! “


Dan Hall, Manchester



“I have been a student of Nat’s for over a year now learning first guitar at the start then transitioning over to bass. I have to say that I have never left a lesson feeling at all dissatisfied with the amount I have learnt or how much insight I have gained. As well as being an excellent teacher he is also an extremely friendly and welcoming person which makes lessons fun and leave me always looking forward to the next session. Timing, flexibility and tea have never been problems as he is extremely helpful and accommodating. Overall he is an absolutely class guy with endless amounts of intelligence and I would and do recommend anyone looking for an awesome bass, guitar or piano teacher to go to him!”  


  Luke Smith, London



Nat has been helping me get to grips with music theory on the Guitar for several months now. He’s got a great breadth of knowledge, he’s patient and supportive and tries a wide range of different approaches to make the learning interesting.”


Andrew Leimdorfer, London



  “Nat started teaching me over a year ago, the first thing he said to me was try using a smaller pick. I did and noticed a real improvement in my playing. I know it’s a small thing but when you have been playing for years the smallest suggestions can make a huge difference. Over the last year he has helped me make a number of improvements to my technique from improved accuracy when picking and timing to even getting me to learn some Jazz and even finger picking. All his suggestions have expanding my playing to a level that I didn’t think was possible. All I can say is whatever your style of guitar playing Nat will help you become a better player like he has helped me!”


Mani Jangra, London



“I’ve been having lessons with Nat for a couple of years, both electric guitar and bass guitar. Nat’s knowledge about different instruments and music styles has made me want to learn more about styles and techniques I wasn’t that interested to start with, mainly due to the fact that he enjoys doing the lessons and exploring different things as much as myself when we are in class. My instrument skills, music theory, improvisation, all have improved a lot since I started with him.”


Josep Almolda, London



“Nat taught me guitar lessons years ago in Manchester. I learnt lots, played music I liked and learnt the technical side of things too. Plus Nat makes good coffee.” 


  Stephen Bellfield, Leeds


“Nat has been teaching my ten year old son piano for well over a year. The lessons are fun and planned with Arthur’s musical interests in mind, but Nat makes sure that technical progress is made too. While he is a thoughtful, dedicated and patient teacher, Nat has the feel of a musician first which I think kids respond well to – especially after a long day at school! I’m very happy to recommend him.


Alison Huntingdon, London


  “Proof that it is still possible to work out the fretboard in your 40s! Thanks Nat!”


Adrian Simpson, London