Acoustic guitar lessons are available at my North London studio, or online via Skype.

The steel string acoustic guitar (sometimes referred to as a “folk guitar” is used for most styles of popular music. It can be strummed or picked with a plectrum (pick) or fingers and has a characteristically “bright” and snappy sound compared to the nylon stringed “classical” guitar.

A wide range of styles can be played on the steel stringed acoustic, from simple strummed accompaniments to songs to intricate finger picked solo pieces, encompassing the full range of styles from pop, blues, folk, ragtime, jazz, celtic and many more…

I give acoustic guitar lessons from beginner to advanced level.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Haringey, North London

Acoustic Guitar Lessons for

I teach a lot of adult beginners! It is never too late to start. You just need the determination to succeed. My acoustic guitar lessons will start you off with some basic chords and strumming rhythms, before moving on to fingerstyle, riffs and more advanced techniques.

We will learn how to read music notation in it’s various forms (standard notation, TAB, diagrams etc) as it becomes relevant to the music that we are playing.

I like to give acoustic guitar lessons within the framework of well known songs and pieces, rather than using dry exercises.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons for experienced guitarists

Play already? My acoustic guitar lessons can help you to fill in some of the fundamentals that you may have missed along the way. You may need to address some bad habits or technique deficiencies.

There are many styles of acoustic guitar that you may not have tried; slide, fingerstyle, blues, ragtime, folk, plectrum style. Try something new!

Perhaps you play well but don’t understand what you are playing? My acoustic guitar lessons will teach you how to ‘crack the code’.


Acoustic guitar lessons for singers

Struggling to play and sing at the same time? In my acoustic guitar lessons, I can show you the best methods to deal with this challenge.

Topics I cover in my Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  • Learning to play the songs you love!
  • Correct posture for pain free practice
  • Constructing a progressive practice routine
  • Strumming chords
  • Plectrum & fingerstyle
  • Mastering scales, arpeggios, riffs and licks
  • Cracking the \”code\” of music theory (optional)
  • Learning to read TAB, chord charts and rhythmic notation
  • Playing in different styles
  • Writing your own songs
  • Training your \”ear\” to learn music
  • Preparing for graded examinations (optional)

Acoustic Guitar lessons
shopping list:

  • Steel string acoustic guitar
  • Guitar tuner (or tuning app on smartphone)
  • Padded gig bag or case
  • Guitar picks (for pick players)
  • Capo (optional)
  • Music stand

The nylon string acoustic guitar, also known as the Spanish or classical guitar, is a different instrument. Please see my Classical Guitar Lessons Page for details.

See my Resources Page for further advice.