Classical Guitar lessons are available at my North London studio, or online via Skype.

The classical or “Spanish” guitar is mainly used for classical music, a Latin American music (such as bossa nova) and Spanish flamenco. It’s characterised by having nylon strings, a lighter action (easier to depress strings with your left hand) and slightly bigger spaces between the strings. This all contributes towards it being easier to play than it’s steel stringed counterpart, and indeed many people play folk and pop music on a classical guitar.

The strings are usually plucked with the right hand fingers (as opposed to being played with a pick – although this is sometimes done in non-classical styles) and the guitar has a well balanced and soft tone. However, in the hands of a flamenco guitarist, many exciting rhythmic strumming techniques are employed.

Classical Guitar Lessons in Haringey, North London

Topics I cover in my Classical Guitar Lessons

  • Technique
  • Playing Posture
  • Reading Music
  • Scales, arpeggios & broken chords
  • Classical Repertoire
  • Flamenco
  • Bossa Nova
  • Ear Training
  • Analysis & interpretation
  • Associated Board, Trinity Guildhall, or RGT exams (optional)

Classical Guitar lessons
shopping list:

  • Classical guitar (nylon string – not steel!)
  • Guitar tuner (can use smartphone app)
  • Padded gig bag or case
  • Music stand
  • Footstool

The steel string acoustic guitar is a different Instrument. Please see my Acoustic guitar lessons page for details.

See my Resources Page for further advice.

Classical Guitar lessons for

I teach a lot of adult beginners! It is never too late to start. You just need the determination to succeed. My classical guitar lessons will guide you through the early stages of your playing.

You will learn the correct posture and techniques, and how to read music from scratch. I have an excellent method of teaching beginners to read, there is nothing to be afraid of!

We will quickly move on to scales, arpeggios and some simple pieces, before starting to learn the repertoire. There are many directions which we will go in after this, and we will discuss these options as they become available to you. We will cover more advanced techniques and music theory as they become relevant to the music that we are playing.

Classical guitar lessons for experienced guitarists

If you already play the classical guitar, I can help you to take your playing to the next level. Do you play electric or acoustic but have never tried classical? No problem! I will teach you how to read music and cover the basics of posture and technique with you.

I will make sure that you have a good grounding in the fundamentals before working through the repertoire, scales, arpeggios, sight-reading & broken chords etc. We may also study theory and aural.

The Trinity Guildhall and associated Board exam syllabi are very well structured and goal orientated. Hence, they make great learning tools, with or without an exam at the end of each grade.