Electric Guitar lessons are available at my North London studio, or online via Skype.

The electric guitar, dynamic, exciting and about all


Seriously though…it can also be really


That\’s the beauty of the electric guitar – control.

It can produce a huge range of sounds from the most refined ethereal whisper to a massive distorted roar, with ever shade of expression inbetween!

All things to all people, take any style of music you care to name: blues, rock, jazz, metal, country, funk, punk – the electric guitar can do it and do it in style!

Electric Guitar Lessons in Haringey, North London

Who am I?

My name is Nat Yelverton and I’m a friendly and experienced guitar teacher based in north London. You can find out more about my musical background here

What can I teach you?

I offer electric guitar lessons suitable for all ages and abilities and teach a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop, soul, funk, reggae. I also teach music theory, eartraining, improvisation, composition and songwriting. See below for more information.

What makes your lessons special?

I offer a great degree of flexibility in adapting my teaching style and content to take you exactly where YOU want to go.

If you know where that is then we can simply devise a plan and set off…But if you find yourself at a loss, don’t worry! I can help you set your goals and we can work together to make sure you get there in style!

Where am I?

I am based Harringay in North London (N8), near Green Lanes which is very well connected via bus rail and tube and is easily reachable from the City of London. You can find me here.

What else can I find here?

This website contains lots of free learning resources so have a good look around and see what you can find!


If you have any questions please don\’t hesitate to get in touch – hope to hear from you soon!

Here are a few examples of the sort of things you can crank out on the electric guitar…enjoy!

Electric Guitar lessons for

The electric guitar is a lot of fun! I teach a lot of adult beginners! It is never too late to start. You just need the determination to succeed. My guitar lessons will guide you through the early stages of your playing.

It is physically easier to play than acoustic guitar as the string action is lighter. But it\’s a little more difficult to make a good sound because you have to control the noise and feedback of an electric instrument. The famous gypsy guitarist Django Rheinhardt once said of the electric guitar that it was \”a wild beast…that was always running away from him\”. Therefore if you have your heart set on learning the electric guitar, I would suggest you take the plunge straight away and start learning it directly. Acoustic guitar skills translate well but there are plenty of things which are specific to the electric.

The first task is to establish the fundamentals of rhythm guitar,including: basic chords, riffs, right hand techniques and simple song structures. Later on we can look at lead guitar techniques.

I teach the student to read tablature (the most common form of writing guitar music) and make sure they now WHAT and HOW to practice in order to progress as swiftly as possible.

We will quickly move on to scales, arpeggios and some simple pieces, before starting to learn the repertoire. There are many directions which we can go in after this, and we will discuss these options as the become available to you. We will cover more advanced techniques and music theory as they become relevant to the music that we are playing.

Electric guitar lessons for experienced guitarists

Play already? Stuck in a rut? Want to learn a more challenging style like bebop jazz or metal? I can help you break new ground and expose you to exciting new material that you might not be familiar with

Perhaps you play well but don’t understand what you are playing? We can take a look at music theory so that you have a language to describe what you\’re doing and a way to relate ideas conceptually.

Maybe you want to develop your lead guitar. I can teach you all about chords, scales and arpeggios and how to use them in a musical way. We can dig deep into advanced techniques and start learning solos note for note. If you really want to challenge your aural skills, we can look at transcription

We can explore advanced chord work were the lines between rhythm and lead are blurred to create melodic rhythm parts and doublestop solos. Advanced harmonic concepts such as chord substitution and chord synonyms can be developed to spice up your accompanying skills. The sky is literally the limit once you have freed your mind of the constrictions of habit

Topics I cover in my Electric Guitar Lessons

  • Learning to play the songs you love!
  • Learning to read TAB, chord charts and rhythmic notation
  • Developing your rhythm and lead technique
  • Correct posture for pain free practice
  • Mastering scales, arpeggios, riffs and licks
  • Constructing a progressive practice routine
  • Improvising lead guitar solos and accompaniments
  • Writing your own songs
  • Training your \”ear\” to learn music
  • Cracking the \”code\” of music theory (optional)
  • Preparing for graded examinations (optional)

Electric Guitar lessons
shopping list:

  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar tuner or tuning app for smartphone
  • Padded gig bag or case
  • Guitar practice amp with headphone socket
  • Guitar cable
  • Guitar picks
  • Sheet Music and Exercise Books
  • Computer with recommended learning software (optional)
  • Headphones (optional
  • Music stand (optional)

See my Resources Page for further advice.