Piano Lessons in Haringey North London

I teach Piano Lessons in Haringey North London where my studio is located. I also teach piano in the London Boroughs of Haringey,
Camden, Islington & Hackney. See the bottom of the page for a full list of the areas I teach piano.

The Piano is a beautiful instrument with a fascinating history and vast and challenging solo repertoire.

In Classical music as in Jazz the piano is the unrivaled in it’s ability to weave intricate harmomies and melodies together seamlessly.

In popular music the piano rivals the guitar with it’s ability to create exciting accompaniments.

In addition the piano plays a special role in western music as the “master-key” to understanding music theory. No matter what other instrument you play, a good grasp of the piano can immensely aid your understanding of harmony and composition.


Piano Lessons in Haringey North London: Beginners

I teach a lot of adult beginners! It is never too late to start. You just need the determination to succeed. My piano lessons will guide you through the early stages of your playing.

You will learn the correct posture and techniques, and how to read music from scratch. I have an excellent method of teaching beginners to read, there is nothing to be afraid of!

We will quickly move on to scales, arpeggios and some simple pieces, before starting to learn the repertoire. There are many directions which we will go in after this, and we will discuss these options as the become available to you. We will cover more advanced techniques and music theory as they become relevant to the music that we are playing.


Piano Lessons in Haringey North London: Intermediate pianists

If you already play the piano, I can help you to take your playing to the next level. Do you play classical but have never tried jazz? No problem! I will teach you how to read music and cover the basics of posture and technique with you.

I will make sure that you have a good grounding in the fundamentals before working through the repertoire, scales, arpeggios, sight-reading & broken chords etc. We may also study theory and aural.

The ABRSM syllabus very well structured and goal orientated. Hence, it makes agreat learning tool, with or without an exam at the end of each grade.


Topics I cover in my Piano Lessons

  • Building a repertoire of the music you love!
  • Learning to sightread music
  • Developing your piano technique
  • Correct posture for pain free practice
  • Mastering Scales, Arpeggios & Broken Chords
  • Constructing a progressive practice routine
  • Creating your own improvised music
  • Cracking the “code” of music theory
  • Training your “ear” to learn music
  • Preparing for graded examinations (optional)


Piano Lessons shopping list:

  • Digital or Acoustic Piano
  • Sustain Pedal (for digital piano)
  • Music stand
  • Sheet Music and Exercise Books
  • Software

See my Resources Page for further advice.


Areas where I teach Piano Lessons

Although I can offer the most comprehensive service at my studio in Haringey Green Lanes N8, for a slightly higher rate I will also give you piano lessons at your home. I teach piano  in the following areas:

  • Finsbury Park & Manor House – N4
  • Crouch End & Hornsey – N8
  • Seven Sisters – N15
  • Archway & Tufnell Park – N19
  • Holloway – N7
  • Highbury – N5
  • Highgate – N6
  • Muswell Hill – N10
  • Stamford Hill & Stoke Newington – N16
  • Alexander Palace & Wood Green – N22


“Nat has been teaching my ten year old son piano for well over a year. The lessons are fun and planned with Arthur’s musical interests in mind, but Nat makes sure that technical progress is made too. While he is a thoughtful, dedicated and patient teacher, Nat has the feel of a musician first which I think kids respond well to – especially after a long day at school! I’m very happy to recommend him.“

Alison Huntingdon, London