7th Chords for Guitar – Part 1

Drop-3 Seventh Chords for Guitar

Howdy there you plunkers! It’s time to dust off the old Jazz box and prepare to launch yourself upon that excruciating voyage of musical discovery par excellence – that’s right, it’s time to learn your Jazz chords in all inversions! Specifically, we’re going to be focusing on Drop-3 7th Chords for Guitar.

However, in the interest of limiting the torture to merely modest levels of agony, I’ve limited the exercises to one string set and one key – so get strumming and with any luck you should have those inversions under control in time for next weeks string bending episode!

Part 1a

Part 1b


Part 1c

Here’s the guitar pro tab:

Drop 3 Seventh Chords – Part I

You can download TuxGuitar for free if you don’t have Guitar Pro to play

Have fun!

and keep pluckin’…




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