Essential Ukulele Strumming Patterns, Part I

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In this Ukulele video tutorial, I introduce 9 essential ukulele strumming patterns for beginners to learn. These patterns can be used when you play songs.

Generally you can mix and match patterns, so you have the choice. You can:

  • stick to a single 1-bar pattern
  • create variations on that pattern
  • combine two 1-bar patterns to make a 2-bar pattern

A couple of particularly useful patterns are:

  • “The Gallop” (and the “Reverse Gallop”)
  • “The Island Strum”
  • The “3-3-2 strum”

All these patterns in this video:

  • are in a 4/4 time signature
  • have a straight 8th note feel
  • mainly use crotchets (quarter notes), & quavers (eighth notes)
  • utilise alternate strumming*

*You can strum using the index finger, thumb or both together (or even a pick if you want)

You can download a pdf of the tablature:

and the audio here:

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