Ukulele Chords in C major, Part II: Secondary Triads

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In this pair of video tutorials, I introduce the 7 essential chords belonging to the key of C major. This will give you the chord vocab to play a wide range of songs on the Ukulele, in C major.

Part II focuses on the so called Secondary triads – the minor chords built on the second (ii), third (iii) and sixth (vi) degrees of the major scale, and the diminished triad built on the seventh (vii) degree. In the key of C major, these triads are Dm (ii), Em (iii), Am (vi) & Bdim (vii)

After introducing some simple open chord shapes for these chords, I demonstrate their application using a few simple chord progressions.

Tab is embedded in the lesson, but you can download a pdf and audio below:


MP3 Audio

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