Altered Dominants for Guitar, Part 3

ii-V-Is using the ‘C’ & ‘E’ CAGED shapes

Hi folks
Welcome to the third lesson in my jazz guitar series on using altered dominant dominant chords. I’m getting down to business in this lesson and demonstrating how to apply the altered dominant chords in the keys of D minor and D major, using the ii-V-I chord progression. All the examples are in the key of either D major or D minor and we’re limiting ourselves to using ‘C’ type CAGED shapes for the ii and I chords and ‘E’ type CAGED shapes for the V chords. Hope you find plenty of food for thought here. I’ve included a few tough! Ted Green type fingerings just to make it slightly not too easy! Have fun!!

The vid is here:


You can download the guitar pro tab here:

Altered Dominants #3 – ii-V-Is in ‘C’ & ‘E’ shapes – Guitar Pro Tab Download

You can download TuxGuitar to play the tabs if you don’t have Guitar Pro.

And here’s a version of the tab which is compatible with tux guitar

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