Bass Transcription: Joni Mitchell w/ Jaco Pastorius – “In France they Kiss on Main Street (Shadows & Light)


This inspired piece of bassage from the febrile fingers of the late great Jaco Pastorius graced the smouldering live Joni Mitchel album, "Shadows & Light" and has long exerted a spell over me. I finally settled to transcribe the first verse and interlude and discovered a wealth of fascinating lines, infused with great rhythmic and […] Read More

Creating R & B Basslines

Bass, Basslines

Hi folks In this lesson I want to discuss a very important skill for all accompanying players, namely the ability to improvise variations on a basic bassline while playing. In this lesson I've chose a very basic stock groove that you'll have no doubt heard before and then demonstrate various ways you can create rhythmic […] Read More

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