Drop 3 Seventh Chords for Guitar, Part 1

Guitar, Guitar Chords, Guitar Tutorial

Howdy there you plunkers! It's time to dust off the old Jazz box and prepare to launch yourself upon that excruciating voyage of musical discovery par excellence - that's right, it's time to learn your Jazz chords in all inversions!!! However, in the interest of limiting the torture to merely modest levels of agony, I've […] Read More

Basic Jazz Chords for Guitar

Guitar, Guitar Chords, Guitar Tutorial, Jazz Guitar

Howdy Again...this is starting to become habit forming...This week on the KNSounds - installment one of my multi-part mini-epic on Jazz-a-matizing your playing. Now...I know what you're thinking: "Jazz is well hard!" (and if you're not thinking that you're wrong!). But that doesn't mean you can't add a meaningful pinch of Jazz to spice up […] Read More

Rockabilly Ballad Rhythm Guitar, Part 1

Guitar, Guitar Tutorial

Hey folks...staying again in the 50s vein, I have your next rhythm installment! In this episode we're going to learn a classic R-Guitar technique - what I have dubed the (palm) muted Arpeggio Strum! Despite the awkward name, this little baby is great for those 1950s ballad situations where our teenage hero is declaring his […] Read More

Rockabilly Swing Rhythm Guitar

Guitar, Guitar Tutorial

Hey folks...here's a little Rockabilly / Swing to wet your appetite, inspired by messing around with "Stray Cat Strut" by The Stray Cats (doh!). What's interesting to me is how you can combine a variety of subtle techniques to add depth to a simple chord progression...welcome to the lost art of rhythm guitar! Here's the […] Read More

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