Altered Dominants for Guitar, Part 3

Guitar, Guitar Chords, Jazz, Jazz Guitar, Music Theory

Hi folks Welcome to the third lesson in my jazz guitar series on using altered dominant dominant chords. I'm getting down to business in this lesson and demonstrating how to apply the altered dominant chords in the keys of D minor and D major, using the ii-V-I chord progression. All the examples are in the […] Read More

Basic Jazz Chords for Guitar

Guitar, Guitar Chords, Guitar Tutorial, Jazz Guitar

Howdy Again...this is starting to become habit forming...This week on the KNSounds - installment one of my multi-part mini-epic on Jazz-a-matizing your playing. Now...I know what you're thinking: "Jazz is well hard!" (and if you're not thinking that you're wrong!). But that doesn't mean you can't add a meaningful pinch of Jazz to spice up […] Read More

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