Ten Essential Principles of Productive Practice

Guitar, Musicianship, Piano, Practice Methods

  Practice is the key to progress, but without effective tactics, you're liable to get nowhere fast and give up in frustation. Here are ten red-hot tips for enhancing your practice sessions and making sure you get the most out of your precious practice time!   Here's an effective method for mastering challenging pieces of […] Read More

Troubleshooting Chord Strumming On the Guitar

Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Chords, Guitar Technique, Practice Methods

Strumming chords is essential "bread & butter" technique for accompanying songs with the guitar, and yet it is suprisingly hard to do well. Here's a short checklist you can run through each time you practice to ensure that you're getting the best possible sound.     Are all the desired the notes ringing cleanly?   […] Read More

5 Perfect Practice Points to Picking Perfection

Guitar, Practice Methods

  So you’ve finally decided to take learning the guitar seriously? Good for you! You love the music, you’re enthusiastic and you’re raring to go... Or maybe you find yourself longing to play well but daunted amount of information about how to play....we are living after all in the information age! Fortunately for the daunted, […] Read More

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