Extending Chord Selection in Major / Minor Keys

Chord Substitution, Composition, Jazz, Music Theory, Musicianship

  This chart (click to download) demonstrates the full range of chords available in a given major or minor key using the technique of tonicisation (temporarily establishing an alternative tone centre within the key – a “mini-modulation” for a short duration). This technique is used extensively in Jazz and Classical music to expand the range […] Read More

Ten Essential Principles of Productive Practice

Guitar, Musicianship, Piano, Practice Methods

  Practice is the key to progress, but without effective tactics, you're liable to get nowhere fast and give up in frustation. Here are ten red-hot tips for enhancing your practice sessions and making sure you get the most out of your precious practice time!   Here's an effective method for mastering challenging pieces of […] Read More

Jazz Transcription Resource


Greetings fellow music lovers. As you no doubt know, or should do if you've been learning jazz, transcribing, learning and analysing the solos of the greats is one of the best ways to get your improv skills cooking. However in my experience a lot of people seem to get put off attempting this - perhaps […] Read More

Transferable Skills on the Guitar, Part I


  Hey folks...it’s me again...time to settle down guitar in time with a nice cup of tea and a biccy and listen to my words of wisdom... No but seriously... today I want to have a chat with you all about the usefulness of transferable skills, specifically transferable skills on the guitar, more specifically guitar […] Read More

Roleplaying for Guitarists

Guitar, Musicianship

Hey folks...I’m back again and I’m here to tell you about all the wonderful things you can do with a guitar! Seriously...aside from music you can employ it for a variety of manual tasks such as improvising a hammer, a cricket bat or even going as far as Antonio Banderas’ character "El Mariachi"  in “Once […] Read More

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